Fork In The Road: RV Cooking Tips

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There’s that time of day that always comes when you find the perfect campsite, get the rig settled in just the right spot and stand back to take a deep breath.  It’s then that you realize – man, am I hungry!   One of the joys of the Good Life is that you can be a real RV Iron Chef!

Fire up the stove, check the fridge and pretty soon the smells coming from your campsite will have everyone asking, “When is that going to be ready?”

“Roughing it” doesn’t mean you’ll be struggling to live on seeds and berries (unless you like that sort of thing when everyone else is diving into a rib eye).  In fact, you could be cooking like a boss in your RV with some basic preparation and a few good utensils.  Here are some things to consider adding to your traveling kitchen that can really come in handy.  They won’t take up that much space or weight, but they can make all the difference when you want to stir up that Saturday night feast for your hungry crew.

Get this easy to clean non-stick cookware set that is made for small spaces.  Sets like these even come with folding handles and “nest” together to store away neatly. If you want something a little bigger, try this 3-piece titanium set.

Having the right utensils while on the road can make the difference between a culinary success and a flop.  Want your omelets to be fluffier?  Well, don’t forget your whisk!  There are lots of utensil sets that provide almost everything you need – including that whisk – while folding, flipping and packing away in a small compartment. (Who wants to hear a big metal spatula flying around when you hit a bump on the road?)   Check out these gourmet sets that store neatly in their own nylon bag when not in use.

Today’s silicone utensils are tough, clean easily and best of all, never rust or make noise.  It’s like a Swiss army knife for the kitchen!   These utensils let you do virtually anything in the kitchen of your RV that you can do with your fully equipped kitchen at home.

And speaking of versatile, how about when it comes time to dig into all of that great grub?  While it may not be Aunt Dorothy’s silverware, these nifty folding utensils provide everything you need.

The key to true Iron Chef grub is always to use seasonings. We love the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, which neatly packs all of your basic spices in one easy-to-pack container! The 13 included spices are sure to pack some flavor into your grub.

Lastly, don’t forget the utensils that are best for making memories:  Grilling or roasting sticks!  When the campfire embers are glowing, everyone will want to roast something by the fire or make some gooey marshmallows before turning in for the night.  Some long-handled roasting forks are essential!

Are you hungry yet?  By packing the right kinds of kitchen camping gear in your RV, you’ve set yourself up for some good ‘eatin!   When is dinner ready?

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