Mini RV Roadtrips: Iowa Adventures

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, Mini RV Roadtrips: Iowa Adventures

ou’re the type of person who thrives off of adrenaline. Naturally, you’ve always been a thrill seeker, and you run towards activities others flee from. This camping trip, you want to feed your inner adventurer with some of the best thrills of your lifetime, you’re just not sure what activity to start with.

Sure, you’ve been to theme parks before, and you’re not afraid of scary campfire stories anymore. You need a little something more to get your heart pumping and feel that rush of excitement. When living the Good Life means you like going on outdoorsy adventures, we’ve got some activities for you. You might think you have to go a long ways to get some of this thrill in, but we’re offering up some of the best adventure spots in Iowa.

Warning: all of the following activities, although fun, can actually be risky. Always use proper safety equipment, and have a guide if you are a beginner.

Rock Climbing

Did you get a taste of belay and now you just want more? If you’re looking to do some rock climbing in Iowa, you have to check out Pictured Rocks National Park. Located in Monticello Iowa, you can find your favorite foot holes in beautiful limestone bluff.

Zip Lining

If you’re looking to ride a zip line that’s longer than the length of the Empire State Building, look no further than Mt. Crescent. Located in Honey Creek Iowa, this thrill is 1600 feet long and you will reach up to 40 mph! They also offer dual zip lines so you can races your friends. And, the best part? You can ride 3 zip lines for only $40. This destination is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!

, Mini RV Roadtrips: Iowa Adventures

Bungee Jumping

Maybe you want to feel that free fall feeling but you’re not quite confident enough to go skydiving. Well, bungee jumping could be for you! In Waterloo Iowa you can check out a company called Luxery. They offer different bungee jumping packages that will deliver your bungee fix.


Maybe you’re a big enough daredevil to try skydiving. Some may call you crazy, others may call you daring, but if freefalling is calling your name, you have to check out Skydive Iowa. Located in Brooklyn Iowa, this company has been pushing people out of airplanes since 1991. They cater to every skill level, from beginner to experienced. There are a range of different jumps you can do, like static, tandem or advanced freefalling. A really cool option that Skydive Iowa offers is strapping special video equipment to their helmets so you can get a video of the whole thing! That way, you can prove to your friends that you did the jump and didn’t chicken out.

You don’t have to go far in Iowa to find some of the most thrilling activities around the world. So the next time you’re looking for an adventure, try out one of these activities. Adding this type of day time thrill will definitely make for some great stories around the campfire that night. We’re all about living the Good Life, and if that means being a daredevil for you, then you’ll have to get zipping, jumping and diving into these thrills. Just don’t forget your camera so you can brag to your friends after it’s all over!

, Mini RV Roadtrips: Iowa Adventures