RV Battery Basics, Tips & Tricks

, RV Battery Basics, Tips & Tricks

Hitting the open road is the ultimate the American dream. The ability to see what our country has to offer and marvel in its beauty is the stuff most only see in the movies. To make sure you don’t miss these sights, the importance of a good battery can’t be over-emphasized. We rely on them for a lot of things – like starting our towing rig, keeping our refrigerators running and making sure that we have warm showers while boondocking. Not all batteries are created equal, but here are the basics you need to learn the differences between them, and make the best decision for your needs.

Starting batteries versus trailer batteries

The two basic types of batteries that you will have in your trailer are starting batteries and trailer batteries, and each has its own unique purpose. Starting batteries give out a lot of energy, but only for a few seconds. It’s just enough to power up the motor in the nice lookin’ truck to get you moving down the road. Compare it to a basketball game. You give your all up and down the court, and sub in and out frequently with your teammates to give your body a chance to recharge. Oncethe energy has been used it needs to take a break to recharge immediately before it’s used again.