RVs – To Power Wash Or Not To Power Wash

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, RVs – To Power Wash Or Not To Power Wash

You’ve got a power washer in the garage, and when you look at all the bugs stuck to the front of your RV after a long trip, you are very tempted to break it out to get your RV looking good in a hurry. The issue is, you’ve got fiberglass and decals all over the rig. You’re worried that your power washer could damage them, and that’s the very last thing you want!

So should you power wash your RV?

Power washers can be very harsh on your RV’s paint. The seals and caulking of your RV can get worn down after an abrasive wash. If you use a pressure washer on your RV, you risk accidentally removing the decals, and maybe even forcing water into your rig!

Along with being careful with the paint and seals of your RV, you should note that pressure washers and tires do not get along. If you were to pressure wash your tires, there is a chance that they could get sliced by the power of the washer.

One place you can sparingly use a pressure washer is on the rubber roof. Some roof cleaning products recommend you power wash the roof before coating it. You can also use it to spot stains on your roof as long as you don’t go overboard and damage the roof.

As far as the best type of power washer to use, make sure you use something that is not full power, or at least set your nozzle to a lower pressure setting. Washers that have about 1300 psi should be ok to use, but many power washers can be up to 3000 psi.

When it comes down to it, if you’re not sure whether your RV will be damaged by your power washer, the best rule is to err on the side of caution and wash your RV by hand.

, RVs – To Power Wash Or Not To Power Wash

If you need tips on how to handwash your RV, check out our post on the steps needed to wash and wax your RV. As a quick overview, here are the materials you will need to get your RV looking fresh and clean by hand washing.

  • Soft bristled brush

    • Using soft bristles ensures that you won’t be damaging your rig by using brushes that are too abrasive. To make reaching those high spots on your RV easier, buy a brush that is on an extendable handle.

  • Rubber roof cleaner

    • If your roof has rubber on it, make sure you use rubber roof cleaner to protect it from the sun and keep it looking like new.

  • Gentle soap

    • Use soap that isn’t hard on your RV’s paint.

  • Slide out dry lubricant

    • Keep your slide outs operating well and looking great by spraying this dry lubricant on them.

  • Collapsible wash bucket

    • When you need to wash your RV while you’re on the road, consider keeping a collapsible bucket handy for easy storage.

, RVs – To Power Wash Or Not To Power Wash