Take A Hike: RV Hiking Trips

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, Take A Hike: RV Hiking Trips

Camping in your RV is always a great time. But sometimes, you want to set up camp at night, and have some adventure during the day. What better adventure is there than to hike around some of the very best trails available in the great state of Iowa? Grab your hiking boots, because we’re walking you into our favorite hiking spots where the natural beauty will definitely have you saying “now this is the Good Life!”

Geode State Park, Danville

This park is named after a rock because… well, it rocks. These hiking trails will certainly challenge the outdoor lover. The main trail starts at the north end of the lake and goes all the way to a dam area. If you need a break along the way, this trail offers several picnic areas along the lake.

Maquoketa Caves, Maquoketa

If you want to get some spelunking in while you’re on your hike, the Maquoketa Caves Park is a must see. This park contains more caves than any other park in the state. Not to mention, the amazing trail system connects the caves, formations and overlooks, which makes a pretty incredible hiking experience. This is a popular trail, and has some amazing sights along its 6 mile run. Make sure you check out the “Natural Bridge” and the 17 ton “Balanced Rock” while you’re there!

Palisades-Kepler, Mt. Vernon

This park is a gem located in eastern Iowa. With six miles of trails, walkers can often see a variety of wildlife and tree and flower species along the way. This park offers beautiful views of bluffs, and unique sitting areas along the way.

Backbone State Park

Maybe you’re looking for a hike that has a little backbone. These multi-use trails offer 21 miles of winding beauty. You may encounter some rough, rocky staircases that take you to one of the highest points in northeast Iowa, known as the “Devil’s Backbone.”

Loess Hills

Located along Iowa’s western border, this unique land formation is 15 miles wide and about 200 miles long. And along the way, there are some great hiking destinations. The Loess Hills are made almost entirely of windblown soils during the last ice age. This area offers a ton of different trails with a variety of entry points. In fact, you can find trailheads in 10 different towns!

, Take A Hike: RV Hiking Trips

If you need to get a little fresh air and get the blood pumping, you won’t be disappointed by any of these hiking trail experiences in Iowa.

, Take A Hike: RV Hiking Trips