There’s An RV App For That: Great Apps For RVers

, There’s An RV App For That: Great Apps For RVers
Jun 21 2016

There’s an app for everything these days. Games, weight goals, baby names, home decorating, there’s no shortage of app resources on anyone’s device. Whether you’re looking for an RV or trying to find somewhere to hook up your rig, there’s an app for that. Most of these apps, unless noted below, are available for iPhone and Android users.

Places to camp

Simple apps like “Allstays” and “Ultimate US Public Campground Project” show you available places to camp. Allstays even shows you which Walmarts allow overnight parking and fuel prices at chain gas stations. It’s a one stop shop for all things RV. Ultimate US Public Campground Project also lets you filter results by hike-in, boondocking, public sites and more. Create your own favorites list for a personal American experience.

Dump sites

Sanidumps RV Dump Station is available for Android users only. The app works with your phone’s GPS system to find the closest station or you can type in a location. It even works with Google maps to find the best route to get there. If you’re an iPhone user, there’s an app for you too. RV Dumps is in the “Allstays” family, and lets you filter out your search for water treatment plants, dealerships and gas stations. It even integrates with your phone for one-touch calling so you can ask any questions.


The weather is always changing. When you’re traveling, you can pass through the arid Mojave, a blizzard in the Rockies, and find a cool beach in California all in the same day. Being prepared for quick weather changes means you’ll be able to enjoy your trip knowing exactly what’s coming. “Weather Channel” is directly connected to the national Weather Channel, and brings you the most current predictions. If you’re traveling abroad, “WeatherEye” is published in Canada to help you keep an eye on even the northernmost reaches of your adventures. Don’t let nature ruin your holiday.


Apps like “Satellite Finder” are a necessity for those evenings together as a family. This app locates you and then factors in all of the variables to tell you exactly how you should position your satellite for the best quality picture. Just because you are camping in the boonies doesn’t mean you have to give up your weekly addictions to The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Good Life RV

Yes, it’s a little shameless promotion, but since this blog is about the best RV apps out there, we feel that our mobile offering is quite good. If you’re in the market for a new RV or just looking to upgrade your existing travel trailer or fifth-wheeler, the Good Life RV app has got you covered. With our application you can browse our inventory, receive notifications, request service appointments, stay informed about all GLRV events, sales, promotions, and more! You can find it in the app store or via Google play.

, There’s An RV App For That: Great Apps For RVers

In a world that is continually changing and growing, the American dream is not lost. It is transforming into a new dream of beautiful scenery, time with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors. These RV apps can help you achieve your American dream and bring you home to the Good Life.

, There’s An RV App For That: Great Apps For RVers