Why The RV Lifestyle Might Be For You

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, Why The RV Lifestyle Might Be For You

Why would someone choose to live in an RV? Is life really better on the road? These are some of the questions people who choose RV life might encounter. Living on-the-go is a lifestyle choice that some might find difficult to understand. But have those doubters stopped to consider the other side of this coin?

The cost

To clear the air, owning an RV is much more cost-effective than renting an apartment or owning a home. No property taxes and no utility costs make this a great candidate for people just starting out and wanting to avoid debt, or those who are in debt and looking to get out.  With the exception of an occasional camp or utility fee, there is almost no daily living cost when it comes to RVing. Compared to renting an apartment it is actually cheaper to purchase and live in an RV full-time in most cases. Plus you have equity in your home versus renting.

The lawn work

Or should we say lack thereof? If you live in an RV you always have an impeccable lawn without the hassle of needing to take care of it. Groundskeepers make sure the areas are manicured, some even treat their lawns for pests, and you always have a place to call your own. If you choose to stay off the beaten path, Mother Nature does her own lawn work. Either way, no lawn work means no expensive lawn equipment to invest in, which saves you time and money. How great is that?

The clean up

Cleaning your whole house can take hours. What if we told you that cleaning your camper could take only five minutes? Think of the time you would save yourself to do other things. Fishinghiking, just plain relaxing, the possibilities are endless. Smaller square footage than a house equals a smaller amount of housework. What we would have done as kids when our mother asked us to clean the house while she was out if it only took us five minutes.

, Why The RV Lifestyle Might Be For You

The view

Some people pay hundreds or thousands, even millions of dollars for some of the views RVers experience in their own homes. Beautiful sunsets, pristine waters and majestic mountaintops can all be yours for just $20 per night (give or take a few for camping and utility privileges). Bonus? It can change as frequently as you like. Bored of the mountains? Head out for a few hours to reach the beach. Tired of the beach breeze? Make your way to the arid desert plains. No need to pay ridiculous hotel fees or outrageous property taxes when these are all right outside your window.

The people

For those social butterflies in the crowd, if you’re always down for meeting new people RV life is definitely for you. There are always new neighbors and new experiences to make with each of them. Establish lifelong friends or just acquaintances for the week (or day if you prefer). When you’re ready for a new bunch, pack up your home and you’re on your next great adventure.

Living in an RV versus living in a home have some differences, though not as major as it might seem upon first blush. You’re always home and never homesick. RV life isn’t for everyone, but if you’re an adventurous spirit always looking for new experiences and new people, the Good Life is for you. Live it up, y’all!

, Why The RV Lifestyle Might Be For You