Tips to Overcome Motion Sickness

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, Tips to Overcome Motion Sickness

Nothing puts a damper on travel plans like developing motion sickness or traveling with fussy kids. If you put the two of those together you could be in for one horrific trip! But don’t worry.

There have been many age-old techniques that seem to help give our kids the comfort they need to make it through the journey.


When kids develop motion sickness, it may cause some irritation to them that makes it unbearable to remain in their seat comfortably.  Some of the symptoms they may experience include: upset stomachs, dizziness, sweating and even vomiting. This is all caused from the motion of travel that is not matched up with the child’s sense of balance. Understanding what causes the problem is part of understanding the solution.

Motion sickness can be handled in several ways. When traveling long distances in your RV or motorhome, it is best to provide a source of fresh air. Whether you have to pull over and let the child walk around or if you crack a window, it will provide some sort of ventilation that the child will need. Also making sure that the air is free of strong odors and that the foods they consume are bland will help reduce the urge to be sick.  Lastly, providing distractions is a great way to divert the child’s focus away from motion sickness. Having them look out the window and maintaining a conversation with the child will keep them aware of the movement as well as provide some ease. There are many alternatives that can be discussed to helping the child overcome their motion sickness.

Regardless of the severity of a child’s motion sickness there are options available to help make the trip a more enjoyable experience. Happy kids will make for a much happier vacation for the whole family.