Toy Haulers-What Makes Them Different

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, Toy Haulers-What Makes Them Different

If you love to be outdoors and have the toys to prove it, you’ll want to consider purchasing a toy hauler instead of a more “traditional” RV. These add a lot of extra cargo room so you can bring even the fanciest of outdoor toys with you on your camping trips.There are a lot of factors to weigh when you’re deciding, so take your time and read about these things to consider before jumping into your purchase.

How Big Should Your Hauler Be?

First and foremost, how much space will you need to tow everything around with you? If you’re only going to be taking a four-wheeler with you, for example, you only need to factor in how big that one item is. If you’re going to be taking enough heavy equipment for your entire family, you’ll need to add up the length and width of each of these, and also provide enough room for spacing between everything. This number varies from owner to owner, but is the first factor you should take into consideration when you’re getting ready to purchase. Don’t forget to take into account any extra equipment you’ll need for each toy. For example, extra fuel or accessories will add to the amount of total space you’ll need.

How Much Will You Be Hauling?

Another thing to take into account when you’re looking to purchase a toy hauler is how much weight you’ll be carrying around with you. Factor in how much your toys weigh and also everything that you’ll be keeping in the living portion of your RV. You might want to consider adding a little extra padding to how much your toys weigh in case you decide down the road that it’s time for an upgrade that adds extra to your load.

Hand in hand with how much you’ll be hauling is how much your towing vehicle can handle. If you’re planning to tow with an F150, your weight rating is going to be very different than towing with a Super Duty. Especially if you’ve already got your towing vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind how much weight it will allow you to tow before you make up your mind on what it will be towing.

, Toy Haulers-What Makes Them Different

Tie-Downs and Brakes

Check to see what kind of tie-downs are available inside the towing compartment. They should be anchored to something substantial that will hold the weight of your equipment and conveniently placed so that it’s easy to load and unload. Electric brakes are another item that you might think about when you’re purchasing your trailer. Especially when you’ve got extra weight, your stop times will be slower. Adding electric brakes helps keep you safe by stopping the toy hauler on its own circuit and helping you stop faster.

Extra Features

Aside from a basic cargo trailer that holds only equipment, there are other types of trailers for your needs. The second type of equipment trailer is the toy hauler travel trailer. These range in size and can come with slide outs to make extra room for campers. Some come with fold out beds, and you can customize them with generators and other traditional RV equipment to make your stay more comfortable. The final type of toy hauler is a fifth wheel and are popular among full-timers. These have a capacity for toys and living space, but offer both in a more compact way than the other two options.

Making The Big Decision

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into what kind of toy hauler is best. There’s no clear-cut answer for which one to buy, and it’s based a lot on what your specific needs are. Start by taking into account what you can haul and what you need hauled, and work your way from there. It’s the easiest way to narrow down your options to make deciding more manageable. When you do settle down with your decision, nothing can stand between you and your Good Life.

, Toy Haulers-What Makes Them Different