Kayak Rack For Your RV

RV Kayak Rack Holder

You live the Good Life, and you take your Kayak’s along with you for even more fun. We have found the best and most affordable way to get take them with you on your next camping trip. VertiYak™ is a vertical kayak rack designed to haul your kayak with ease. Easily attach the VertiYak to any hitch receiver and unfold the rack. Place your kayaks in the rack, secure them, and go. Its that easy!

Currently available at our Webster City location. Order soon to ensure your’s arrives before summer. 515-832-5715. Only $399 Shipped. A Re-Stocking fee applies to returned Vertiyaks.

See RV Kayak In Action

Before you buy: One end of your kayak must fit within a 11 1/2″ X 17″ lower hoop. Please check these measurements before ordering your VertiYak™. Once installed, be sure of adequate clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape. Always be aware of overhead obstacles (low bridges, limbs, etc.). Always secure kayaks or paddleboards with ratcheting straps (not included) at strap loops. Foam padding (pool noodle not included) can be used on lower hoop to protect rack and kayak finish.

*This product does not include the foam noodle cushioning or ratchet straps.