Do you dream of setting out on the open road in an RV with your family in tow, in search of that perfect campground with a beautiful view? At Good Life RV, bringing your dream vacation to life is our bread and butter.

Flat Rate RV Rental

When you rent an RV from Good Life RV, you’ll get the complete package: a kitchen, a bathroom, and sleeping areas — all at a flat price with no hidden charges for miles or accessory usage. Good Life RV has built a reputation as one of the most reliable RV rentals in Iowa, in large part because of our dedication to ensuring that our customers have the best travel experience possible.

Forget expensive airfare and hotel fees. Good Life RV believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation without having to empty their wallet.

Our Camper and Motorhome Rentals are operated out of our Des Moines location with easy access off of Interstate 35. Call 515-462-9800.

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Important Information

We know that the days leading up to your vacation can be hectic. To ensure that your rental pick-up goes smoothly, we have highlighted the following important items that can cause most departure delays.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to putting you on the road to the Good Life!

  • It is vital that all drivers and the person whose name is on the rental application be here, in our office, on the day of departure to sign the Rental Agreement. Our insurance company restricts us from releasing a vehicle to a substitute such as spouse, child, parent, friend, etc.
  • Make sure you have with you:
    • Your valid Driver’s License with photo.
    • The actual credit card you wish to use. We cannot accept a card in someone else’s name, nor can we use merely the number you provided on the reservation application.
  • If you are extending coverage from your personal insurance provider, there must be an insurance binder on file stating that liability will extend back to the rental travel trailer. If we do not have this proof at time of pick-up, the travel trailer will not be released for rental.
  • If you are renting a travel trailer, be sure that your hitch ball is the proper size (2-5/16”) for towing the camper, and that your wiring (7-way RV Plug) is in working condition. Hitch height must be between 18-21” from the ground to the top of the ball. All 1-2” of drop when trailer is attached to your vehicle. If you are having a hitch installed, be sure that you have an appointment to do so prior to the time of departure. If you are getting a 7-way RV plug installed on your tow vehicle, be sure to do so before picking up your rental.

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