RV Road Trip! Pumpkin Farms & Orchards

, RV Road Trip! Pumpkin Farms & Orchards
Oct 14 2016

Fall is a fantastic time for being outside enjoying the beautiful scenery with family. No more scorching summer days, and still warm enough to take away the bite of bitter winter cold. Some of our favorite memories growing up were from visits to the local pumpkin farm. We’ve rounded up some of the top family farm experiences and put them in one convenient blog post for you.Now you’ve got the hard part – deciding which one to celebrate the season with!

Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm

This little gem is located in Grinnell, Iowa. Enjoy your time slowly wandering in a corn maze with your closest family and friends. Be sure to pack your walking shoes – it’s a ten acre field! Visit the pumpkin patch (and find the perfect pumpkin). When you’re done with all that walking, a relaxing tractor ride lets you see the rest of the farm and is exciting for any littles you might have with you. They’ll also enjoy the kiddie train and (if they’re not worn out by then!) let them romp in the treehouse and playhouse. Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm is run by family and then close friends, and it’s conveniently located a few miles off of I-80. This all-in-one farm gets a big two thumbs up from this crew.

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch

Northwest of Chicago lies a unique family-owned and operated pumpkin patch (with some loving family and friends helping out along the way as employees.) If you’ve got munchkins, this is a great place to start your fall season off right with them. Goebbert’s has literally thought of everything: wagon rides, corn mazes, corn pits, a petting zoo with over 50 animals, the list goes on and on. One of the things that makes them unique is their exotic animal zoo, which has giraffes, tigers and kangaroos (oh my?). Make sure to check out their gem mining station to try your luck and pick your winning racing pig while you’re there!

Beggs Family Farm

Located in Sikeston, Missouri, the Beggs Family Farm has the classics: a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and wagon ride, but it also brings an interesting twist to the table. Bees. Really, have you ever seen how bees make their honey? Or how those cool combs work in real life? Trust us. They’re more than just a pretty pattern. Check out these bees and watch them work their magic through the combs of sweet honey. The family also added a Miner Max maze in 2004, which also contains a real mining sluice for you to explore. When you’ve had your fill of wonder, go check out the milking cow and give those strong hands a workout!

Leaders Farms

Nestled in Napoleon, Ohio, Leaders Farms has something for guests of all ages. One of our favorite activities here? Zombie hunting. Yes, you read that correctly. The farm has set up a shooting range with zombie targets so people young and old can test their mad shooting skills. Their corn maze has a theme each year, and this year Snoopy has come to town. Wander around this lovable pooch’s house and see if you can find your way to the other side. Big Jack is another favorite at this fall hot spot. In short, it’s a cannon launcher for pumpkins. If that doesn’t trip your trigger, we just don’t know what will!

, RV Road Trip! Pumpkin Farms & Orchards

Travelling in an RV is a ton of fun, and a great way to see the countryside. As fall approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a farm or orchard and spend quality time with your family. With a home on wheels, you might even be able to celebrate the season with all of them! Pack up now, get out there and start celebrating your Good Life.

, RV Road Trip! Pumpkin Farms & Orchards