Roof Vent Covers

Add Ventilation and Inhibit Hail Damage, RV Vent Covers

The vents on the roof of your RV allow fresh air in and stale air out. With an added MAXX AIR vent cover you can leave your vents open all the time, even during rain.

$94 Installed – Per Vent
Approximately $1/mo* on RV Loan
*Additional Cost For Colored Covers


, RV Vent Covers

• Ventilation: Features MaxxAir’s Exclusive ZERO-LEAK™ Mounting System Lets in Fresh Air Anytime. All MAXX AIR products carry a 6 Year Warranty.

, RV Vent Covers

• Protection: Hail and falling debris from trees can easily break and damage a standard vent lid. Maxx Air vent covers add protection and ventilation for all seasons.

, RV Vent Covers

• Powered Vent Fans: The increase in air flow from a power vent fan requires the FAN-MATE Maxx Air model to allow vent lids to open fully and circulate more. Add $25

Contact The Business Manager who is handling your financing at the number below about including this package in your financing.

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