RV Service Bundle

Our Spring and Fall RV Service Bundle packs together some of the most important checkups along with a WinteCamper Service Packagerize or De-Winterize. This Bundle is a money saving package that is sure to save you headaches in the long run.
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Fall/Spring RV Service Bundle

  • Winterize / de-winterize
  • Inspect windows and all doors
  • Inspect corners
  • Inspect roof, roof seams & openings
  • Check all exterior lights, porch lights, scare lights, led strip lights, clearance, brake, turn and tail lights
  • Water heater: Inspect burner tube, electrode, element, anode rod and operation on lp/electric.
  • Inspect furnace operation
  • A/C: Inspect central box ducting/air flow, filter, roof coils, operation
  • Oven and range: inspect manifold and burners, pilot light & oven temperature @ 350
  • Refrigerator: Inspect ventilation, drain tube, burner & orifice, operate & test on lp & electric
  • Check operation of all vent fans
  • LP monometer and leak check
  • Flood/flush all tanks and test monitor panel: Check for leaks
  • Water pump: check condition, operation and for leaks
  • Optional water appliances: Inspect ice maker line, inspect water filter and washing machine water lines for leaks and operation
  • Inspect all sink and shower traps and fittings
  • Inspect all gate valves and test operation
  • Converter: Inspect fuses, fan, connections & check output
  • Battery: Inspection connections, water levels, output
  • Charge battery
  • Check all interior lights and all outlet polarities/output
  • Test all GFCI outlets
  • Check for proper operation/adjustment
  • Inspect visible slide mechanisms/pulleys/gears
  • Inspect all sealants on windows/trim
  • Inspect all slide roof/seam tape
  • Inspect wipe and bulb seals
  • Check auto level calibration (if applicable)
  • Inspect awning for proper operation/ratcheting/tension
  • Inspect all locks, levers and knobs
  • Inspect fabric and alignment in the tube relative to rail
  • Inspect and operate entry steps, lube if needed

Regular Price$596
Good Life Price – $489


Fall/Spring Inspection  –  $489
Choose 1 of The Following
RV Wash & Roof Condition – $349
Slideout Service – $349

Good Life Price

Fall/Spring Inspection  –  $489
RV Wash & Roof Condition – $349
Choose 1 of The Following
Bearing Pack/Brake Check – $321
Holding Tank Service – $321

Good Life Price

Fall/Spring Inspection  –  $489
RV Wash & Roof Condition – $309
Bearing Pack/Brake Check – $309
Slideout Service – $309
Awning Wash & Condition – $185
Good Life Price