RV Paint & Body Shop

Good Life RV is Iowa’s Top RV Service and Repair Shop, so it is no coincidence that we have a state of the art Paint and Body shop.  We are recommended by insurance companies from all over the Midwest for our services. Modern Paint and calibration systems make sure your repairs are fixed to exacting standards.  We are Iowa’s best choice to get your camper fixed and back in the campgrounds, where it belongs.

Camper Body Shop
Fiberglass RV Repair

• Fiberglass Repair: Most RV’s now are made with Fiberglass siding and or front and rear caps. We can repair and paint to match.

RV Body Shop

• Paint Bay: Upgraded paint shop with state of the art lighting and ventilation. This helps keep dust and debris out of your finish.

Camping Repair

• Siding Replacement: Skilled technicians replace broken or damaged siding. Proper parts procurement and installation is the key to our success.

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