RV Myth Busters: RV Misconceptions

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, RV Myth Busters: RV Misconceptions

There are a lot of people with a lot of ideas about RVing. One that we hear over and over is that you will need a special license to drive your RV. Another one is that RVs are for older folks, not for a young family with kids. Some people think that they will absolutely have to get a truck to be able to pull their rig. We’re here to lay these rumors to rest. RVing can be exciting and fun for all ages and it doesn’t mean that you will have to pour your entire vacation fund into your gas tank.

Myth #1 – I’ll have to get a special RV license. 

Really, does anyone like sitting for an entire afternoon in a line at the DMV to get their driver’s license renewed? If the idea of wasting a whole day at the DMV just to be able to drive your rig is scaring you away from the purchase of your lifetime, know that this misconception is false. If you have a regular driver’s license you can operate an RV legally. No long lines required.

Myth #2 – My SUV will tow anything.

Not only is this myth wrong, it’s also dangerous. Every manufacturer gives its vehicle a tow rating. Deciding to tow beyond that little number in your vehicle’s manual may not seem like a big deal, but it does come at a cost. If you’re towing more than you should you might have a really hard time stopping, and will also shorten your towing vehicle’s lifespan. This is an accident waiting to happen. Be smart and check that number before hooking up your rig. It just might save your life.

Myth #3 – Buying a used generator that has low hours is a great value.

Everyone loves a bargain. The store brand of that can of green beans at thesupermarket is seven cents cheaper than the brand? I’m in. Gas in the next town is a penny cheaper? Why not fill up there? No one likes to feel like they’ve been taken at the register. But buying a used generator comes with some caution you might not have considered before. Not using a generator for a while is actually worse than using them on a daily basis and causes them to expire more quickly. More than just checking how many hours it’s been running, you also have to ask how old the generator is. You’ll get more for your money.

Myth #4 – I’ll spend my whole vacation fund on gas.

While it’s true that you’ll spend more on gas (your rig is bigger and heavier than a car), you’ll actually save money on your vacation because you won’t have to pay for a hotel or airfare. Diesel RVs are heavier than the ones that use gas, so you will see lower MPGs if you’re dying for that diesel engine. Depending on the size of your RV, you could see anywhere as low as ten or over 15 MPG. Either way, it’s still saving you money on your vacation.

Myth #5 – RVing is for old people.

Older people do enjoy RVing and have more time to do so since they’re reaching retirement age. But we can’t let them have all the fun! Traveling in an RV is a great option if you have kids. You’re always close to the kitchen, some models have showers outside the units to hose them down if they get too dirty playing. You get the privacy of your own home while you’re on vacation. And what kid doesn’t like a fun change in their routine? Enjoy this time together for bonding before they fly the nest.

, RV Myth Busters: RV Misconceptions

We hear every excuse from people about why they shouldn’t buy an RV. We’re here to tell you that it’s the investment of your life. Young or old, you can travel, bond with family and friends, and make new relationships along the way. RVing doesn’t have to be scary and unknown. Make sure you get all the facts before you’re ready to throw the towel in on your Good Life.

, RV Myth Busters: RV Misconceptions