Is Now The Right Time To Buy An RV?

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, Is Now The Right Time To Buy An RV?

There are so many aspects to consider when you are deciding what RV to purchase. Should you go with a fifth wheeler? Or would a travel trailer fit your needs better? And with so many different models and makes, the list of specs that you need to look at keeps getting longer. But how do you know when the time is right to make your purchase?

Like many things in life, timing can be everything. This is especially true when you are purchasing your RV. So how do you know when to buy? Here are our tips to help you with your time management:


Do you want to have your RV so that you can head south for the winter? Have you been planning on taking it for a week long camping trip at the height of summer? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself when you are deciding which season to make your RV purchase.

There are pros and cons to buying for each season. Check out our buying guide on this topic here if you want more information. As a general rule of thumb, buying in the summer is popular because you will be wanting to be outdoors and go camping the most. Although you will be campground ready in the summer, you might have to deal with more people at the RV dealership. If you’re the type of buyer who wants to really take your time and wait, you might want to act a little faster on your decision during the summer because there are usually others who have their eye on your RV too.

, Is Now The Right Time To Buy An RV?

If you’re thinking about buying in the fall, don’t get too bummed out that camping season is coming to a close. Even though summer is wrapping up, the fall months offer cooler weather for camping and some prime s’mores and bonfire time. When it comes to RVing in the fall, you need to be ready to winterize quickly. As soon as the temperatures drop to below freezing, it is time to winterize your RV.

Buying in the winter could be for you if you don’t mind waiting to utilize your new purchase right away. The dealership will have low traffic, and you can take your time doing research and pinpointing the rig of your choice. But, you just might have to chip the icicles off of it once you bring it home.


After you’ve made your choice on what type of RV and which season you want to buy in, it’s time to make your purchase. When you go into the dealership, it is best to come prepared with the required paperwork to make your buying experience seamless. When you’re wrapped up in the excitement of finally getting the RV of your dreams, sometimes it’s easy to forget those mundane, yet, crucial documents.

Along with your personal information, you need to provide verification of income. This can be shown with pay stubs from your employer or tax returns. For a full list of what you should bring to the dealership to make your purchase take a look at our RV Credit and Financing Checklist. Check all of those boxes, and we’ll have you rolling into the Good Life in no time.


Lastly, it’s important to feel excited and confident about your RV purchase. This investment shouldn’t be made on a snap decision- we encourage you to visit us, examine the specs and talk to our specialists about the different aspects of the RV you are interested in. You’re about to embark on a whole new chapter of adventures with this RV as your sidekick- you want to make sure it’s the right fit!

, Is Now The Right Time To Buy An RV?